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Global Studio Marketing Podcast

Jun 22, 2023

For many who take the entrepreneurial leap and risk so much to launch a business...well...they are hoping for a fairy tale ending.

They want the stuff of dreams. The Hollywood success story. The win against all of the odds.

Who doesn't? Who goes into business hoping to lose?

No...we want our ideas to win, and we want to...

Jun 12, 2023

Having loyal customers for your business isn't just a lofty goal. It's actually, in most cases, a necessity.

The reason for this is customer acquisition can be so expensive as a result of marketing and advertising costs, that you really don't get profitable with these new customers until they make multiple...

Jun 5, 2023

Here are five major truths that you're going to want to hear if you're a fan of podcasts.

If you've ever thought about podcasting...or if you are a podcaster...these will be some of the most informative minutes of audio you'll ever enjoy.

That's because you'll acquire valuable wisdom gained after several thousand hours...